How do you create your Stonethro score?


Is this tool free to use?

Yes! The tool is totally free to use.


How many pages do you scan?

Just the Homepage. Currently, we can only scan the homepage of a website but future updates will allow scanning of multiple pages.


What’s the difference between Stonethro and Google PageSpeed / Lighthouse


Is my data safe when using this tool?


How often should I run scans on my Shopify store?


What information will the performance report provide?


Can I export these results?


Can I integrate the tool with my Shopify store for ongoing monitoring?


How do you get this data? (top 5000)


How can I improve my Shopify store’s performance based on the report?


Where can I get support or assistance if I have questions or encounter issues?


If I have a problem can Stonethro help me fix it?